Waterfalls Symphony Screensaver 1.0


Size:6.5 MB

Date Added:23 July, 2012



Waterfall Symphony Screensaver is an animated screensaver with beautiful and relaxing images of nature. The screensaver shows a sequence of 3 animated scenes of stunning landscapes, with waterfalls as the main attraction. The scenes are completed with different kinds of birds and butterflies flying around, creating a soothing atmosphere. As water falls slowly, we can see different animals casually passing by, and also listen to the sounds of birds and insects, making the scene even more realistic. The screensaver also shows an analogic clock, and the current date. The application offers a set of options to modify some of its settings. For example, we can change the screensaver exit conditions, choosing from five options, among them a mouse click or movement, or a keypress. We can also modify the order of images, select a different background color, and set the quality of the graphics and screen resolution. The application is free, however you have to install a tool bar by Fullscreensavers.com onto IE and Firefox, which can be uninstalled later without problems. The screensaver works with minimal system requirements, and on all Windows operating systems, including Vista.

Systems: Windows

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